Official Art, Apparel, and Jewelry Gallery of Trail of Painted Ponies™ Artist, Lynn Bean



Lynn is often commissioned to do work — particularly where focus and desired treatment parallel established practice. Commissions typically will portray a national field trial champion; an incredible hunting dog remembered on an exceptional day; the family cat postured in full character; a great horse; proud breed-mare and colt; or an exceptional capturing of wildlife in a classic state or event. Lynn's interests span even to custom or vintage motorcycles.

Commissions are typically carried out from photographic work. Several photos can be conducive, but certainly are not mandatory. Quality photos of course resolve the essential detail of work, but detail can also be derived from further study.

To inquire about commissions, it is best to e-mail first. We can be contacted about commission work at

If you have digital versions, please send photos to be worked from and a brief letter describing the desired treatment of the work — perhaps even including knowledge of the subject which might be brought out by its treatment.

If digital media is unavailable, please e-mail for our regular mail address. All regular mail inquiries should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelop adequate to accommodate any materials to be returned.

As Lynn has a considerable agenda of national exhibits to attend and further work to perform, please be patient in waiting for a response. 'All good things take time.'

Lynn Bean.